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Here's the rub. The people who have not reached high levels of success don't completely believe it's possible to do so.

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So, what you may need to work on first is confidence, believing in yourself and your business, and that you deserve success. Visualization is one way to change your current limiting thoughts and beliefs about success into something more positive.

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It also increases your skill level. Do you want to take your clients or a prospect on a golf outing, but your swing is an embarrassment?

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Visualize yourself performing perfectly. Athletes use this technique all of the time, and it works. The more you practice visualization the more your brain believes what you tell it to. You are reprogramming your brain--changing the neurons. Your filter, the RAS, will ask your brain to reveal opportunities, give you access to brilliant ideas, and give you the courage to take action. I have a day challenge for you.

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Make sure to do the first step, otherwise, the messages you send to your brain will be all over the place, thereby limiting the results. What goal do you want to work on in the next days? Begin with one small goal rather than a Fortune client roster. How will it feel? This one is important.

Emotions are like the track that delivers the train of thought to your brain. You must be able to feel the excitement of your success. Every single day, for a mere 30 seconds but longer is better , close your eyes and visualize what your life looks like when you've achieved your goals. Escalate your positive emotion s as much as you can and sustain those feelings for as long as possible. This is the magic in the sauce. Share your experience with me. Adrenaline 30 Seconds. Who Cares 30 Seconds. Reflections 30 Seconds.

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