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Our dedicated and personal approach is at the heart of what we do, and provides the foundation for all of our durable partnerships.

At DFG, we focus on nurturing these long-term collaborations as brand partners. This enables us to showcase a balanced and on-trend product portfolio; to support our brands; to develop brand promotions; to give structure; and to achieve all of this through open communication, shared thinking and transparency. But the refund only applies to things you wear or carry on the plane and excludes liquor except wine.

You can shop up to 60 days before travelling and still qualify for a tax rebate. Here's how it works:.

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Yet when she took the matter up with Sony directly, her camera was picked up by a courier, repaired and returned in short order. If you're tossing up between buying electronic goods in Australia — either duty-free or retail — or in duty-free outlets overseas, consider the following:. Buyers of electronic goods like computers may also be hit with another problem. Although you may be able to buy the goods cheaper overseas, they may not be designed to run on the voltage used in Australia.

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This might mean you have to buy a potentially bulky transformer to make it work, which could eat into any savings you make. Duty-free shops have an official air about them, perhaps because you need to have your passport on hand and make your way through customs to gain access to the cut-rate goods.

But the only thing official is that you buy without paying tax or import duty. The businesses themselves are non-government operations licensed by the Australian Tax Office.