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A true Christian, one saved by love and filled with God's love, must live in love toward God and others. In this section of Scripture, we learn that brotherly love is our response to God's love. The Lord teaches believers how to show his love to others, to our friends, family, and even our enemies. God's love is unconditional; his love is very different from the human love we experience with one another because it is not based on feelings.

He doesn't love us because we please him. He loves us simply because he is love.

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Love is the true test of Christianity. The character of God is rooted in love. We receive God's love in our relationship with him. We experience God's love in our relationships with others. God's love is a gift. God's love is a life-giving, energizing force. Abide in my love" John , ESV. Thus, Accordance would count the first occurrence of "do not fear" as 1 hit, while Bible Explorer is likely counting it as 3 hits. It is interesting that the number of occurrences returned by programs that count each word rather than each phrase happens to be in the range.

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Perhaps that's how this "myth" got started. Someone did a search for "do not be afraid" using a program that counts each word and saw that there were occurrences. But it is the number of occurrences of the entire phrase that needs to be considered, not the total number of words in the phrase. I suspect it began by the simple question "I wonder if God put 'Fear not' since the KJV had the widest use in the Bible times, once for every day of the year?

Knowing how little so many people appreciate the value of integrity, I suspect that morphed into a statement and too many people thought the benefit of the encouragement was worth the cost of a bit of exaggeration. I looked it up before and found what you found. It's simply a lie. Worse, it undervalues the authority of God's Word, which plainly declares that "every fact is to be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. CHAT My Account.

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