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Keep reading for more advice on how to determine how serious your rash is. To simplify things I am going to break this article down into two categories: adults and children. The serious rashes affecting these two groups are generally different from each other. Shingles is characteristically a patch or crop of raised red bumps with blisters on it. Since it follows a single nerve route, it often burns or is painful, and it also happens on one side of the body only.

It is impossible to have shingles on both sides of the body at once. The reason shingles is significant is that it can cause very bad pain, especially in the elderly, but early treatment can greatly reduce this pain.

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See also: What Is Shingles? Allergic reaction : The second worrisome rash in adults is an allergic reaction to food or medication. Now, allergies are not usually dangerous, and rashes from drugs are usually mild, giving nothing more than a bad itch. But there are some medications that can occasionally cause a severe allergic reaction known as Stevens-Johnson. A Stevens-Johnson rash occurs over the outside of the body and often blisters.


The real problem, however, is the ulcers that can form in the respiratory tract, starting with the mouth. So if you are on medications and develop a generalized rash and mouth ulcers, call your doctor immediately. The rapid onset of hives, especially if associated with mouth or throat swelling should prompt you to seek immediate help. If you have trouble breathing, please call Urticaria hives : The final worrisome rash in adults is another allergic condition called urticaria , otherwise known as hives. Most of the time, urticaria is not serious; it just itches a lot.

They were simply safer to transport their dangerous equipment around, than other bag-designs of the era. Or that doctors used to carry poisonous drugs like chloroform or ether with them, if they had to sedate a patient during an operation. The design of the Gladstone bag made such an occurrence impossible. In the days when it was not practical for most people to visit a doctor, and when the doctor came to the patient, the physician had to be prepared for absolutely anything that his training covered. House-calls were common throughout history, but peaked during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Advances in medicine, communications and transportation made it easier and safer for physicians to make house-calls. Telephones, bicycles and motor-cars made calling a doctor faster and safer. House-calls began to fall steadily as a medical priority, after the end of the Second World War.

This is matched by a steady decline in the number of general practitioners, among other contributing factors. In an age when medicine was far more hands-on and personal, a physician had to cover a wide range of skills, since he had no idea what he might be called out to attend to, at any hour of the day, or night.

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These days, there is a much higher number of specialists than general practitioners — physicians who will concentrate on one part of the human body. This spreading-out of knowledge means that there are fewer and fewer doctors who can handle a wider range of diseases and illnesses. And this means, fewer doctors who can handle house-calls, with their unpredictable natures.

In the s in the United States, three-quarters of physicians were general practitioners. By the 21st century, the house-call is something almost consigned to history.

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Most physicians work in their clinics or surgeries, most specialise in one area or another, of medicine. Not all of them have the skills necessary to carry out varied demands required of an unexpected house-call. In our increasingly litigious society, some physicians have stopped giving house-calls over fears of being sued! And yet…. House-calls have never really gone away.

'Ashamed' GP 'lied about failing to make house call to baby who later died of meningitis'

For parents, it gives them comfort to know that their family doctor can check on their children if they should fall ill in the middle of the night. Doctors enjoy the personal time spent with patients.