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As is the fact this entire holy story has revolved around the nudity and bondage of a child. After having prayed, [Agnes] bowed her neck to the sword. At one stroke, her head was cut off, and the angels took her soul to heaven.

If the book contained just one disturbing story, it would be only wildly inappropriate, but probably not the Worst Thing Ever. But, no, as you flip through this book you find that any saint who is portrayed as young, female, and pretty has a very specific life story.

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Pagans want to marry them, they refuse, and so they are tortured and murdered. She was a very beautiful young woman, and many princes came to ask for her hand in marriage.

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The rich young man who wanted to marry her was so angry at her refusal that he accused her of being a Christian. At last, a sword was buried in her heart. Her parents forced her to marry a nobleman named Valerian.

Literally the Worst Thing Ever: Picture Book of Saints

But God protected Cecilia. Then the judge ordered a soldier to kill her with a sword. He struck her three times, but did not cut off her head. She fell down, wounded, and for three days she remained alive.

Picturebook of the Martyrs

He was a pagan. Did this put her father in a beheading mood? You bet.

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Better question: are there any other moods in these stories? The problem is that these stories praised women for being meek and mild and virtuous, and doing nothing to save their own lives in the face of persecution.

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They taught me something very specific about female heroism, which is that a good woman, a woman who stands by her beliefs, is a woman in pain. The best thing for a woman to be is a victim, for that is true virtue. Our culture has always loved female victims. We go to museums to look at paintings of the fragile Ophelia, drowning herself in a wreath of flowers because no one loves her, rather than writing a couple of mean lute ballads about her ex.

We idolize and memorialize fragile, doomed sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe or Edie Sedgwick. We love Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic and bright blue, tortured and murdered just as surely as good St. And any book that tells you otherwise is suspect. But to be defiant and principled, in this book, is to let people treat you terribly, and do nothing to stop it.

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Too good for this world, in fact, which means we must self-destruct. But we had more in , when Father Lawrence published his own interpretations. Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr. Showcasing women who were light in a dark time, these stories are filled with courage, beauty and ultimately, a faith in God that transformed the world.

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Each saint is featured with a stunning watercolor portrait, a short story from her life and a prayer suitable for young children. Example: O Saint Dymphna, you healed many bodies and minds. Comfort me when I am worried. Calm my mind when I am afraid. Pray to God for me that I will think clearly and that I will have your love for people whose minds are ill.

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