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Pixie Hollow. You can find Tink and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow.

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Is there a better surprise than meeting a princess right when you enter Disneyland? Sometimes princesses greet guests near the entrance to the park. Keep an eye out for them when you enter and leave the park. We have spotted Mulan there, which is an extra special treat because she usually only makes regular meet-and-greet appearances at Disney California Adventure during Lunar New Year with her buddy Mushu.

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Princess Friends and Acquaintances. Some characters are closely associated with the princesses. What does a princess aspire to be? A queen, of course, but hopefully a nice queen. If you are brave and know how to properly bow, you can meet Snow White's evil stepmother, the Queen.

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She is often somewhere on the path from Main Street, U. We've encountered the Queen near the wishing well, too. Every princess could use a fairy godmother from time to time. Gaston wanders around Fantasy Faire and Fantasyland. He is always on the lookout for Belle. The Beast also wanders through Fantasyland from time to time. Rumor has it that the Beast and Gaston do not get along. They are there from park opening to evening. Check the entertainment guide for the last time they'll be available before they have to go feed Sven, which can vary each day.

Sofia the First is not often greeting guests in Hollywood Land these days because she is super busy with princess life. Disney California Adven ture hosts special princesses during certain holidays. Tips for Meeting Princesses at Disneyland. Visit them early in the day. Now that you know where to find them, you can meet most of them pretty easily. Lines are shortest in the morning. Look for royal attendants to ask about meeting princesses. They usually stand in place before a character arrives and near the Royal Hall in Fantasy Faire.

You can ask them who is coming and be among the first in line to greet them. The lines form quickly once the character arrives and other guests hop over. These cast members can also give you good insider tips about meeting other characters. There is something called a Toon Finder. Ask a cast member when and where to find your favorite character, and they can consult a Toon Finder to get you your answers. Use the Disneyland app. You can see many character locations on the map.

If you click on a particular character, you view their appearance times. It's not always accurate, but it will give you a good idea of when and where to find your favorite princess. Only the regular characters are listed, so an unusual character will not appear in the app. You just have to magically encounter them, and when you do, it really is magic!

Dress like a princess, too! Guests under 14 can wear costumes to Disneyland older guests can DisneyBound and dress with colors or elements of a princess without wearing a costume. The park sells princess dresses and accessories if you do not bring your own. Guests 3 to 12 can get made up with a variety of packages at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for an added cost, and reservations are recommended.

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One benefit you can ask about is skipping the line to meet princesses in the Royal Hall after getting certain princess makeovers. If you are lucky, you just might find a fairy godmother outside of the store. Every princess can use a fairy godmother from time to time, right? Have your autograph book and pen ready. Some kids like to collect autographs from characters. I prefer a good hug and to talk to the princesses, although there are some fun do-it-yourself crafts that you can have the princesses sign picture frames, pillowcases, ornaments, shirts, picture books and more.

The nice part about the princesses is that they actually can talk to you. Masked characters usually cannot talk. Realize that a princess needs to take a break, too. If she is not at her regular spot, just be patient and check back later. Be a good sport if she needs to take a break before it is your turn. Remember to use your courtly manners. Find princesses on a rainy day. If you visit on a rainy day, the princesses will not be out in the wet weather. They do not want to ruin their hair, makeup and beautiful gowns. You can usually find them indoors on rainy days, specifically in the hallway where Great Moments with Mr.

Lincoln takes place. We lucked out and saw three princesses there on a rainy day! The princesses may have wraps or changes to their clothing to keep them warm in colder weather. Catch a show to see princesses in action. Sometimes Belle and Rapunzel greet guests after the shows. At times, Belle and the Beast appear with the Disneyland Band in front of the castle. Attend a character dining experience.