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In outright contradiction to this we see that a diamond, while made of the very same element carbon performs the most intense reflection of light on earth. The MIT team is offering the process for any artist to use. We are presenting the literal devaluation of a diamond, which is highly symbolic and of high economic value. It presents a challenge to art market mechanisms on the one hand, while expressing at the same time questions of the value of art in a broader way. The Redemption of Vanity exemplifies the bond between art, science, and luxury.

The carat vivid yellow diamond in the exhibit spent millions of years in complete darkness, deep below the earth's surface. It was only recently unearthed — a once-in-a-lifetime discovery of exquisite size and color. Now the diamond will relive its journey to darkness as it is covered in the blackest of materials.

The Redemption of Vanity is an art project conceived and designed by Diemut Strebe.

We are one church in nine local congregations across the state of Arizona.

His team: Luiz Acauan, Estelle Cohen. The diamond covered with the blackest black for The Redemption of Vanity has been provided by L. My mentor, colleague and friend Robert Langer has been of extraordinary support for the entire project span from and has made major managerial and other contributions for the project.

Further I thank Antonio Severino for the excellent fabrication of the foot for the diamond. Thanks very much to the extraordinary support from Paola and Paolo Marcucci.

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Jesus del Alamo and Dr. Alexandra H. The Website is a donation from Paolo Andriolo in support of the art project. Realization of the website: Roberto Capanna and Alessandro Berlato.