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Says that his choice to become a street drummer made his family nervous; they thought he'd never make any money.

Believes that people only tell you you can't do something because they're unhappy with their own jobs and choices. He refuses to "just work for 30 years and then die," says he strives to find some fun and fulfillment every single day. High School.

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Bucket Man I am the "original bucketman" in Chicago, the first one to start playing buckets in front of Wrigley field in Career Roadmap My work combines:. My work combines:. Interviewed By.

Bucket Man

Cary Brothers Musician. Your next step should be to put this vegetable in front of the gate found in the back area of the pub. The burly man will take the tomato to the crate underneath the bucket when he sees it. You will be able to successfully drop the bucket on the burly man if you are quick enough to run over to the item and knock it over when he is placing the tomato back in the crate.

Bucket Man

Will you be attempting to drop the bucket on the burly man in the Untitled Goose Game? Let us know your devious plans over on Twitter and Facebook!

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