Read e-book The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable)

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Manual The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable)

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7 Ways to Maximize Misery 😞

I definitely picked up some good, no-nonsense ideas about living life. The book is easy to read and enjoyable. It is rather repetitive and most of it is just common sense. He goes back and forth quite a bit. I think it would have been better if told chronologically.

Manual The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable)

Scott Hamilton's favorite number is eight. Scott contends that "even when you have every reason to be miserable," you can be happy. After spending a good bit of his childhood as a sickly boy, Scott discovered that ice skating made him feel free. He calls God his Almighty Coach, and he gives credit to Christ for the ability to find happiness in spite of suffering. Scott suffered from testicular cancer and then from a brain tumor. He cites many other examples in his life that would pull some people down into the depths of despair, but because of his take in life, Scott Hamilton remains a happy man.

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This is an interesting book to read about an interesting celebrity. I recommend it. Close Dialog Are you sure? Also remove everything in this list from your library. Relationshipgoals: Purity Is Possible!

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Planned Purity for Parents. Romans, LifeChange Bible Study. How did the apostle John know that, two thousand years after he lived, your life would need a fresh touch from God? How did John know that at the beginning of the new millenium our lives would be so busy, our focus so divided, our bodies so tired, our minds so bombarded, our families so attacked, our relationships so strained, our churches so programmed John probably didn't know.

It was concerned less with high ritual and more with personal redemption. As a young man in his twenties, Canon Christopher had himself been converted while instructing native boys in India. And as Vice President of the Church Missionary Society he was now on the lookout for young men, saved for Christ, who would become teachers, clergymen and missionaries and disseminate the gospel. She used her authority in particular to protect her children from the dangers of the wicked world outside. First and foremost she had to conquer the threat of alcoholism in the family, since both sides had their share of it.

But even more threatening were lustfulness and unchastity. Fearful of her children developing in the wrong direction, Sarah became vigilant in regard to the chastity of her sons. She felt, for example, that women were natural troublemakers, who would eventually steal her boys from her, and therefore she did not tolerate other women in the house, except for servants. For him there was an ideal standard. Being a good boy was not enough: he had to be immaculate. According to Sarah, her education of TE was a great success.

She needed to prove to the world and probably to herself that against all odds she had raised her children successfully. It made her complain to TE about the things he wrote about the war. It brought about a very severe knack, even worse than the war. So what exactly happened to him during his childhood that could have been worse? From a life which was rather free and protected in the woods of the New Forest, he was suddenly confronted with strict discipline, both in school and at home.

In my case they were miserable sweated years of unwilling work; and when after them I suddenly went to the University of Oxford, the new freedom felt like Heaven.

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There is, however, evidence of disciplinary action elsewhere. A battle which would continue all his life. The battle of wills started when TE was just a boy of eight. This is usually the age that a child starts to take his own place, when he collides with the people around him, becoming more unmanageable, rebellious and obstinate. Eight is the year of tension, almost as if puberty sets in, but as it turns out, it is only a finger-exercise for later. TE resisted the ideal standard his mother wanted to enforce, more than his brothers did, because he was hard-headed and strong-willed just like her.

There were mainly hygienic reasons for the practice, but what also played an important role was the belief that circumcision would discourage masturbation. It is difficult to assess what psychological consequences this had for a boy, who was at that time trying to take his own place in life, forming his own identity.

He may have considered circumcision a punishment for something he did wrong, as many children do when they try to make sense of something bad that is happening to them. Physically it must have been a painful experience, particularly for a boy who was or became terrified of pain. This seems to be the one thing that TE feared most of all: powerlessness. The pain of the beatings, in combination with the unexpectedness of them, giving him no time to prepare, created for TE a situation similar to that of being sedated; unable to resist, he surrendered his will completely.

Trying to regain control, he arranged for a person to witness the proceedings, and afterwards to describe to him what he had witnessed in regard to his behaviour and responses during the beatings and after, since he himself had not been aware of them. Now this may sound exaggerated and speculative to you, and you may wonder why beatings in childhood would lead to such disproportionate reactions. But it is a fact that every person reacts differently to things that happen to them.

What for one is something harmless, can be intensely frightening for another. Since freezing is a natural, instinctive reaction, it just happens, and the child may feel he loses control because he automatically surrenders. This bothered TE most of all as a child.