Guide The Obama Administration’s Cybersecurity Proposal: Criminal Provisions

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Yesterday, the President focused on consumer protection and privacy. Those actions will help cybersecurity as well, because the more we do to protect consumer information and privacy, the harder it is for hackers to damage our businesses and hurt our economy. This week, the President is announcing several specific cybersecurity steps, which in turn will also improve consumer protection and privacy, as better cybersecurity results in better data protection.

These efforts are mutually reinforcing. In , Congress passed important cybersecurity measures focused on improving how the federal government protects its own networks and how we are organized to carry out our cybersecurity missions, including: the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of , the National Cybersecurity Protection Act of , the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of , and the Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act of The passage of these bills, which the Administration strongly supported, demonstrates that when the politics are put aside, we can do a lot together on cybersecurity.

The Members who worked on these bills deserve credit for working diligently to ensure that these important bills made it through at the very end of the term. Congress should build on this momentum and pass additional legislation to increase information sharing with the government, modernize the tools needed by law enforcement to fight cybercrime, and standardize the requirements for when companies must notify customers of data breaches.

Yesterday, the Administration released an updated legislative proposal that addresses these three areas:. Cybersecurity is an inherently shared mission between the government and the private sector. No single agency within the government can undertake cybersecurity alone, but even more importantly, the federal government cannot address the cybersecurity threat by itself.

We must truly collaborate with the private sector on many levels in order to make our cybersecurity efforts effective. In that vein, the President also announced that we are planning a White House Cybersecurity Summit, which will take place on February 13 at Stanford University. One squad chases down any and all tips from the public and refers those that seem credible to more-specialized units.

Others hunt terrorists on the internet. You look at the patients in the emergency room and decide what needs your immediate attention or what needs some kind of longer-term initiative. We know ISIL is trying to develop chemical weapons. And you have to worry about that, too. Balancing those threats is a challenge today. Comey was a chief federal prosecutor in New York and then the deputy attorney general under George W. Bush until he left for the private sector in All in all, I think we really are a well-oiled anti-terror machine.