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You're sittin' there yackin', Right in my face, I guess I'm goin to have to put you in your place.

If silence was golden, You couldn't raise a dime, Because your mind is on vacation And you mouth is workin' overtime. You're quotin' figures, And dropin' names, You're tellin' stories, About the days, You're over laughin', When things 'aint funny, You're tryin' to sound like the big, big money.

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If talk was criminal, You'd lead a life of crime, Beacause you mind is on vacation, And your mouth is workin' overtime. Your life is short, And talk is cheap, Don't be makin' promises, That you can't keep, Don't like my song, Just grin and bear, All I can say is, if the shoe fits, won't you wear it, And if you must keep talkin', Please try to make it a ryhm.

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